How to attract birds to the balcony

How to attract birds to the balcony

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How to attract birds to your balcony: tips for having birds on the balcony and attracting them to their wooden house.

After seeing how to make yours hospitablegarden, let's move to the balcony and see some practical tips to attract the birds on the terrace or balcony of the house.

It is useless to follow these tips if you make a massive use of insecticides at home or if the balcony is a chemical bomb of detergents. Hygiene is necessary but better not to overdo it with detergents. Another thing to consider: if you have plants on your balcony, avoid treatments with pesticides.

Much has already been said in the article on how attracting birds to the gardenbut, when it comes to balcony and terrace, the matter is more complex! Balcony and terrace tend to be very popular with humans and therefore less appreciated by little birds in Zone. Some little birdhowever, it may land on your railing in the early morning or when this place is less crowded. If you have set up onewooden house for birds, move it to the less frequented area of ​​the balcony.

How to attract birds to the balcony

The small terrace or balcony of the house can be transformed into a small bird paradise, into an authentic onebirdgarden. These same rules can be applied forattracting birds to the windowat home as well as on the balcony and terrace.

Forattract the little birdson yourbalconyyou can start growing small plants and shrubs, better if they produce berries! Green light also for herbs and any bushy plant: birds love greenery!

Winter is the time when the birds are most in difficulty and cannot find much food: this is your time! Add a manger with a “roof” or a suspended manger; on the pageDIY bird feederwe show you how to easily build one.

In a more secluded area, one must not be missingbirdhouse, perhaps to be fixed to the wall adjacent to the window or in a less frequented position on the terrace.

The birdhouse can be built easily with six wooden tiles or purchased at very affordable prices on Amazon. For all useful information, please refer to the page how to build a birdhouse.

If you decide to buy a birdhouse, pay attention to the openings. To get an idea of ​​prices and the type of opening, take a look at the images and proposals on theAmazon official pagededicated towooden houses. Why do we invite you to take a look at the houses? For the openings! It is important to choose wooden birdhouses that have a not too wide entrance, otherwise you would end up giving refreshment to less popular poultry species such as pigeons, doves and corvids.

If there are windows on your balcony, we advise you to decorate them with the stencil technique or to glue anti-collision templates: birds in flight have no perception of the glass and could crash on them. Such a pity. The anti-collision shapes are nothing more than dark stickers but it is not necessary to buy specific ones, you can apply any decoration yourself that can make the glass visible.

A water tank should not be missing on the balcony. The tray must be installed in a sunny position: if the manger is your winning card in winter, the tray with water will be in the summer. The water for the birds must be contained in a tray 5 to 7 cm deep. The water will need to be changed often to allow the birds to bathe right on your balcony.

Abirdgardenminiature can also be set up on the windowsill. Here, too, a manger and a water basin should not be missing.

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