Recycle cigarette butts

Recycle cigarette butts

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Cigarette butts and garbage disposal. Recycle cigarette butts: where they throw themselves into separate waste collection and what are the prospects in terms of recycling.

Cigarette butts, where they are thrown:separate collection

If you are wonderingwhere you throw the cigarette butts, you are showing that you care about the environment: bravo! I already like you…!

THEcigarette buttsThey are absolutely NOT to be thrown into the organic but must be thrown into the unsorted dry waste.

All materials that cannot be recycled such as diapers, dishes, vacuum cleaner filters andcigarette butts, Yesthey throwin the undifferentiated collection, that is, in the black bag.

Where do you throw the butts?
THE cigarette butts they throw themselves into the undifferentiated.

Undifferentiated (non-recyclable) waste represents about 20% of the waste produced in the home.

Unfortunately, many recyclable waste ends up in undifferentiated dry waste or because innovations are struggling to take off…. it is also the case ofcigarette butts.

Cigarette butts in the toilet

It is also wrong to throw away cigarette butts in the toilet, for three reasons: they pollute the environment and overload your city's sewer system and in the long run they will create inconvenience. The third reason? The cigarette buttit is only minimally biodegradable so it can cause blockages in your water supply and clog the toilet.

Fine for those who throw butts on the ground

From February 2, 2016, life should have become hard for heavy smokers who litter beaches, squares and sidewalks with their cigarette butts. Since that date, in fact, fines of up to 300 euros have been introduced for those who throw their cigarette butts on the ground without disposing of them properly. At the beginning of the paragraph I used the conditional because, despite the executive provision, there are still few controls in public places. In addition, the highway code tells us that to launch a butt a cigarette from the car window could cost a fine of one thousand euros. This infringement is sanctioned only in the most virtuous municipalities and with the most attentive security services.

Dispose of cigarette butts outside the home

If you are away from home and want to behave responsibly, avoid throwing cigarette butts on the ground both to avoid the possibility of a very high fine and above all, you should do it, to safeguard everyone's assets, even yours.

On sale there is no shortage of pocket butts holders, small, compact, perfumed, made with fireproof material and that no longer give you excuses! Thanks to these dispensers you will always know where to dispose of your cigarette butts, even when there are no ashtrays nearby.

Among the various products on the market I would like to point out one with an airtight seal (also suitable for women who do not risk soiling the contents of the handbag with the ash residues of the same butt). This is the "MozziBox" shown in the photo above and available on Amazon at a price of 9.90 with free shipping. Of course, this dispenser is not the only one on the market, there are many in the shape of a purse but they do not have an airtight seal. According to the manufacturer, this pocket butts holder can easily hold up to 14 butts.

For all information and photos, please refer to the official Amazon product page: pocket ashtray.

Recycle cigarette butts

Although we Italians throw thecigarette buttsbetweenwasteundifferentiated, there are those who use them forrecyclingin the construction or packaging sector.

In Vancouver there is the separate collection of cigarette butts because these, which we consider non-recyclable waste, give life to new materials overseas.

TerraCycle Inc., a Toronto-based company, extracts the cellulose acetate present in cigarette butts to create plastic pellets that can be used to produce packaging or to plasticize wood.

The recycling of cigarette butts does not end with the example of Vancouver. The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology has developed a system to recycle cigarette butts and use them for sustainable brick production. These bricks, for production, would require little energy, would not have any negative impact on human health and, above all, would be able to isolate the building envelope they would build!

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