Anti-glycemic foods: list and properties

Anti-glycemic foods: list and properties

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Anti-glycemic foods, those to be included in your diet when you suffer from diabetes me welcome even if we want to keep the weight under control. There are in fact foods that raise blood sugar and, together with carbohydrates consumed in excess, can contribute to unwanted weight gain.

Even if we are not one of those who have problems with their silhouette, better inform us about Anti-glycemic foods because blood sugar spikes are bad for the pancreas, as well as slow down metabolism. Without becoming obsessed with the glycemic index, better know what the ingredients we use in the kitchen to prepare healthy meals and keep blood sugar under control.

Anti-glycemic foods: what they are

There are some Anti-glycemic foods that absolutely must not be missing in our diet, let's identify at least three to be included in a stable manner. There is no need to worry, you will see that they are tasty. As the salmon, for example, rich in Omega 3, excellent for the prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

For vegetarians there are also i legumes, which prevent glycemic peaks, but those who eat meat should not eliminate it, indeed, the white one is fine for controlling blood sugar levels and is low in fat. Orange is a color that goes well with Anti-glycemic foods since we find it both with the pumpkin, both with oranges that prevent diabetes, arteriosclerosis and constipation.

Another recommended food is it yogurt, because it contains enzymes that regulate the production of glucose and cholesterol. Those who are thirsty can sip green or black tea, both recommended for weight loss, while among the spices, we find Anti-glycemic foods cinnamon, able to make insulin more efficient, and turmeric, excellent for type 2 diabetes mellitus. The anti-glycemic dressing par excellence is the good olive oil.

Anti-glycemic foods: properties

To recognize the Anti-glycemic foods you need to understand what is meant by glycemic index (GI). This value represents the ability of carbohydrates contained in foods to raise blood sugar which in turn indicates the amount of glucose present in the blood. When fasting, blood sugar is around 1g of glucose per liter of blood. THE carbohydrates with a high glycemic index they are more digestible, but for our health it is better to choose them integral.

In addition to the Anti-glycemic foods, classics, should also be considered those that immediately have no effect but that in the long run they affect blood sugar, such as fatty or protein-rich foods. In addition to those who suffer from diabetes, blood sugar is also important for those who want to maintain a healthy weight, it appears after digestion, in fact, it induces the secretion of insulin which is linked to the weight gain process.

Antiglycemic foods: list

Here are three lists to hang in the kitchen. That of anti-glycemic foods, that is, with a low glycemic index: plum, pear, yogurt, low-fat milk, soy milk, boiled beans, apple, lentils, fructose, whole grains. These are to be consumed often, better to avoid foods with instead high glycemic index: white bread, cornflakes, honey, baked and fried potatoes, crackers, arborio rice, sucrose sugar.

Pineapple, spaghetti, banana, kiwi, mango, rye bread, macaroni, carrots, grapes, orange are foods with a average glycemic index, so we can eat them but in modest quantities.

Anti-glycemic foods: recipes

See the complete list of Anti-glycemic foods it can be noted with pleasure that it is not difficult to find recipes that contain them and that are at the same time tasty and tasty.

Before we start cooking, it is better to know that there are also foods that, combined with those with low GI, help to keep blood sugar at regular levels. The water-soluble fibers, for example, but also foods rich in proteins. Those who are not very creative can browse "Vanilla diabetes: Sweet alternative recipes with a low glycemic index, for food intolerances and low-calorie diets ".

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