Shredder, how it works

Shredder, how it works

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Shredder, how it works and advice on how to choose the shredder of branches and wood according to your needs.

Garden shredder, what it is and what it is used for

Theshredderit is an electric device or with an internal combustion engine, capable of operating particular rotating blades suitable for cutting andshredroots, branches, leaves, green debris or even wood trunks.

Based on the power of the engine, ashreddercan hegrindwooden branches with different diameters.

What is ashredder?
To optimize space, produce wood chips and improve the work of the composter, even in the case of a heap composter!

Shredder, how it works and how it is made

The shredderhas two openings. The material to be shredded is introduced into the upper opening (pruning waste, branches, mowings ...).

More or less finely shredded plant material comes out of the opening below. It is afine wood chipswhich takes up very little space compared to the starting plant material and can be used for different purposes.

Using ashreddergood quality you can get awood chipscan be used to be easily disposed of even in the composter. The wood chips obtained from the shredder can be easily converted into natural fertilizer.

Professional electric shredder

Theoperationof ashredderdiffers by model. Generalizing, allshreddersboth electric and with internal combustion engine, they feed the rotating blades thatshredthe plant matter introduced.

Aprofessional shredderis characterized by greaterpower. THEmore powerful shreddersare those with milling roll operation.

A garden shredder with a cutter roller has a very high shredding capacity, thanks to the power of the roller system it is able to shred branches with a diameter up to 40 mm while ensuring low noise.

A shredder with similar characteristics can be bought for around 300 euros. On Amazon, the Black and Decker roller shredder is offered at the promotional cost of 256.75 euros with free shipping costs.

For all product specifications, please read the card on the official Amazon page:Black & Decker GS2400 slicer.It is one of the best electric bio-shredders in the industry and to say it are the users who have had the opportunity to try it for themselves and compare it with other electric shredders.

Characteristics similar to those seen for the Black & Decker (possibility to cut branches up to 40 mm in diameter) are offered by the Al-Ko Easy Crush bio shredder, also in this case it is a roller shredder and also this time, for everyone the technical details refer to the official Amazon page: Al-Ko Easy Crush MH 2800.This shredder is relatively cheaper. It offers the same performance as the Balck & Decker and can be bought for 225.58 euros.

Differences and tips for choosing well

Both have a basic warranty of 24 months, but the size of the wood chips returned leans in Black & Decker's favor. The Al-Ko Easy Crush model returns coarser residues while the Black and Decker chops finely thanks to a more detailed rotary cutter cut.

The photo of the wood chips you will get with the Al-Ko model is shown above. Below is the photo of the most finely processed wood chips by the Black and Decker shredder.

Professional petrol garden shredder

Apetrol garden shredderit has an even higher shredding capacity. Taking into consideration a model of only 7 HP (with internal combustion engine with a power of 7 horses), it will be possible to grind logs with a diameter of 60 mm.

Who has no problems withbudgetcan point to the choice of 15 horsepower shredders ideal for producing wood chips starting from logs with a diameter of 100 mm. The disadvantage ofprofessional petrol shredderslies in the high noise and price. A professional petrol model with a 15 HP 4-stroke engine costs between 1000 and 1500 euros.

Advice to choose well: if you need a shredder to use in the garden, choose an electric roller model. Even if you have a large campaign, opt for an electric model that also has the advantage of less maintenance and is quieter.

If you are an industry operator, the petrol model is the most suitable because it also frees you from the need for an electrical outlet.

Shredder, how it works

Once the plant material has been inserted, it is sometimes pushed with the help of a press until it reaches the rotating screw which has blades with sharp edges. The rotating movement allows a helical cut capable of shredding the branches and conveying the wood chips obtained in the underlying collection box.

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