Mindfulness meditation: what it is

Mindfulness meditation: what it is

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Mindfulness meditation it is a technique that wants to help us not to fall into the mercy of negative thoughts, enabling us to react in a conscious and solid way. The term "Mindfulness" wants to be the equivalent of the word belonging to the Pali language "sati" which indicates awareness, attention, prompt attention. The practice of Mindfulness meditation comes to us since Buddhism (Vipassanā), from Zen and Yoga meditation practices.

The goal is to teach how to grasp the negative thoughts that can suddenly emerge, stemming the consequences. This passes from having an excellent knowledge of what goes through our minds and hearts, knowledge that can derive from an exploration through mindfulness meditation. Exactly.

Mindfulness meditation what it is

There mindfulness meditation it is a meditation technique that leads us to pay attention to the now, a what happens to us moment by moment, in the here and now. There is no need to judge or "make a film", indeed, it often harms. To be peaceful it is better to accept what happens and above all to accept yourself by learning to know us better and to be more aware of emotions, of the thoughts and actions of our present.

Often the mindfulness meditation it is combined with classical cognitive therapy techniques for the treatment of various pathologies such as: depression, borderline disorder, anxiety, panic attacks, disorders with psychosomatic, obsessive-compulsive, food and mood components. They are not pathologies but can be treated with mindfulness, even all states of existential distress.

Mindfulness meditation: how to do it

We often find ourselves trying the way of mindfulness meditation when negative thoughts of self-criticism are added to other negative thoughts that lead to an overwhelming depressive mechanism. It is necessary to react and not impulsively, for obtain lasting results.

Better to start a kind of "awareness training"To know how those mechanisms work that worsen our mood or even put us out of the game from a psychological point of view. This knowledge can prevent depressions or take them in time, before they plunge us into a dark mood.

There mindfulness meditation it combines classic methods of psychological change based on intuitive ways of knowing oneself, with other more discursive methods aimed at solving problems. The therapist comes into play to help us change the relationship we have with our mental contents. The first step is to learn to look at them with detachment (detached mindfulness), gaining in alertness and mental clarity.

A second step, almost simultaneously, to take is that of learn to stay in the present, without losing ourselves in regrets but not even fleeing into the future, taking into account that negative experiences are part of everyone's existential path, just like positive ones.

Mindfulness meditation in Milan

In the center of Via Cenisio, in Milan, dedicated to mindfulness meditation, one can approach this practice. Various professionals work there who deal with research on the mind and emotions in the field of integration between clinical psychology and meditation, between the psychological sciences of the Western tradition and the study of the mind according to the ancient Eastern tradition, with particular reference to Buddhist thinking. The center offers therapy and training experiences for both individuals and groups.

Mindfulness Meditation: Books

To deepen the knowledge of the practices of mindfulness meditation here is a book that can accompany us with ease. Is titled "Mindfulness method. 56 days to happiness " by Mark Williams.

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