Bones to dogs: are they bad?

Bones to dogs: are they bad?

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Bones to dogs, to give them or not to give them? And if we can give them, all are fine or is it necessary to learn to understand the dangerous ones from the harmless ones? These are questions we often ask ourselves when we have a dog in the house that stares at us if we munch on a chicken bone or shin bone making the sweet eyes. The skin bones can be dangerous for dogs but we must not be prohibitionists without thinking: we can make a gift to our four-legged friends by buying a ox skin bone that they will be able to nibble freely and safely.

The bones to dogs they can be chewed only in some variations and there are many around, it's easy to get confused. There are those in pressed beef skin, those in real bone, perhaps with some good ham or stuffed with tripe. It is normal, indeed, it is healthy for the dog to want to have them in his mouth and it is up to us to choose the bones for the dogs that they are good for your stomach and oral hygiene. And in the mood, given the satisfaction with which these animals usually welcome bones in their jaws.

Bones to dogs: which ones

To choose the bones to dogs it is better to consult a veterinarian and an expert in order to understand which ones are really useful for strengthening the teeth and jaw. There are also those who, in addition to this, are also those who help with diet. There are real bones and fake bones, in both cases they may be suitable or unsuitable for ending up in a dog's "paws".

Are dogs bones bad for you?

If they are brittle and splinter, they hurt because they are dangerous, they can release shards that become armor-piercing bullets once ingested. Bones don't hurt like those made ad hoc to be chewed, like this ecological deer horn for dogs, which can be purchased online for 12 euros.

Dog bones: raw or cooked?

You don't have to give bones to dogs that they are cooked. We must take this as an indisputable rule. Because the cooking process makes bones difficult to digest. Not only that, the danger is not only that of suffering from heaviness in the stomach: cooked dogs bones can also cause intestinal obstruction, which is much more serious!

In addition to therefore completely avoid cooked ones, let's also get rid of the idea of ​​giving these animals not whole bones. Cut or broken as they are, the bones like that are dangerous, as explained above, due to the released shrapnel, capable of injure the animal or suffocate it.

Bones to puppy dogs

If bones should be given to dogs in general with caution, if it is a puppy, caution must be maximum. Let's not leave them too many days, a couple of days or three at the most, and check that they are not too big or too small. A puppy could swallow them or get stuck with the bone in the mouth, as if immobilized.

When we first give bones to small dogs it is best to monitor them and understand how they behave. We check that they do not suffocate and that don't bite them too hard, too hard or in a dangerous way. When we see that they exaggerate, let's not make too much trouble to intervene and remove the bone.

A danger related to the bones, above all for puppies and older dogs, it is also made up of bacteria that can create serious problems. If, after chewing the bone, the dog begins to lose his appetite, suffer from lethargy, vomiting, bloody diarrhea or constipation, it is essential to immediately take him to the vet for a check up.

Dog bone: beef

One time respect the rules and directions said so far, the bones can be real and beef and not dangerous, but there are also many on the market of good quality and man-made which can be an excellent alternative for those who do not have time to do a thousand checks every time they give a beef bone to the dog.

Bones to dogs: ham

Particularly appreciated, the ham bones they are harmless if raw and intact.

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