Dog shoes: tips

Dog shoes: tips

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Dog shoes, not necessarily a habit of their owners who want to parade through elegant streets at all costs with an equally elegant dog. Sometimes they are just necessary for protect your foot from cold, snow, rain, or from rough terrain. It is therefore good to distinguish from time to time when dog shoes are a necessity for us or theirs.

Snow dog shoes

In case of snow, not all dogs are able to walk easily without experiencing pain. Although sometimes black and rubbery, the fingertips of our four-legged friends are extremely delicate and sensitive to cold. Let alone if they come into contact with snow and ice.

A pair of dog shoes therefore, in these circumstances it serves indeed, in order not to run the risk that its legs, small or large, are injured and even bleed. By isolating his body from the frozen ground, they also help him don't get too cold, avoiding colds and winter diseases.

Between dog shoes there are also snow shoes made of neoprene, excellent because they are resistant and comfortable, non-slip and therefore ensure maximum grip. It should be checked that closing is easy and that ensures perfect adherence to the paw.

Protective dog shoes

There are shoes to be used on various occasions and not specifically in case of snow. They protect less from the cold but are more practical and adherent, they do not hinder the animal's movements at all and at the same time guarantee protection from the risk of injury.

This type of dog shoes it is suitable when we walk especially on the sidewalk or on the street, where we can unfortunately come across glass and metal pieces in splinters or objects that can stick into the fingertips of our walking companion. To protect instead paws from the rain, better bet on a “waterproof” model that can also be purchased on Amazon.

Shoes for hunting dogs

A hunting dog it must be able to run and chase its prey anywhere. He therefore needs shoes for dogs in breathable material, so that they absorb moisture but are at the same time ergonomic and practical. Woe to them if they make it awkward or slow. It is more necessary than ever that the design of the dog shoes when hunting it ensures perfect adherence to the paw, also better if the seams are external to avoid damage to the more delicate paws.

DIY Dog Shoes

When dog shoes just have to be anti-slip or anti-cold, can be crocheted or knitted, or with needle and thread. So let's dedicate ourselves to DIY by creating a nice pair with colors that go well with the hair.

It takes patience but not too much, it's like making a couple of baby booties, even the "design" is similar but be careful: it is necessary to take the imprint of our four-legged friend. We take soft insoles or soles of old slippers and cut out the paw shape that we first traced and cut on a sheet of paper. We will get an oval that will become the sole of our 4 DIY dog shoes to be made with knitting needles, after choosing threads and any embroidery.

Dog shoes: tips

May they be for rain, for snow, for habit, there are some characteristics that are important to consider when buying dog shoes. First of all we check that ours is not one of those intolerant to any accessory other than the collar for walks, to avoid shoes for dogs remain in the closet.

It is also essential to choose those of the right size, just like with people, without thinking that "more or less they will fit". For the house, non-slip, if our dog does not hold curves, there are dog shoes anti-slip for 6 euros irresistible, can also be used to protect against cold, snow, ice, salt.

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