How to cook in the microwave

How to cook in the microwave

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How to cook in the microwave: instructions and above all lots of tips on what and how to cook in the microwave. Combined or classic microwave.

It is not possiblegildisto cookin any microwave oven but it is possiblesteam cookingeven in the older microwave.

Combined microwave and crisp function

Forcombined microwavewe mean that oven that combines the technology ofmicrowaveto classicgrillwith electric resistances that we also see in the traditional oven. They also exist on the marketmicrowavethat combine the grill function "combined "to the ventilated one. In practice, if you have a microwave oven at home, this can be:

  • Microwave only
    that is, that to heat, cook or defrost, it uses only the heat dissipated by radiation at certain wavelengths.
  • Microwave + Grill
    To the function described above, is added that of the grill, that is, an electrical resistance that produces heat through which it cooks food.
  • Microwave + Grill + Ventilated
    In addition to the functions described above, a fan is added, located on the deepest part of the oven, which distributes heat, a perfect function for making certain foods more crispy.

Some combined microwave ovens have the Crisp function. The Crisp function has been patented by Whirpool so it will take different names on appliances from other manufacturers but the operating mechanism is the same. The crisp function allows to obtain homogeneous browning and a good degree of crunchiness through three different operations:

  • lower gilding of the dish using the special pan;
  • upper gilding the dish with the grill;
  • cooking of dishes with microwaves.

The crisp function that allows you tocook in the microwaveit does not foresee different intensities. If we have to regulate the temperature with the grill of the conventional oven, with the grill function of theventilated microwavewe just have to decide the cooking time. While it becomes easy to cook, on the other hand, those who cook have less scope and may not achieve the desired results.

Let's say that the combined microwave can be useful for cooking certain prepackaged foods in the microwave that pass from the freezer to the plate, stopping in the microwave as an intermediate pitstop!

What to cook in the microwave

The previous paragraph was necessary to make you understand that not allmicrowave ovensare suitable forcookingof food.

Themicrowave ovenit is appreciated for the speed of cooking times while the combined one loses this incredible advantage.

The booklet for combined microwave ovens states that this technology can be used for cooking:

  • savory pies
  • omelettes
  • roasts
  • pizzas
  • tarts
  • leavened cakes

For example: a homemade pizza can cook 11 minutes in the microwave but in the convection oven, if set at 200 ° C, it will cook in 10 minutes, giving a better product! The only real advantage in terms of energy and timing is that the microwave oven does not need to be pre-heated while the traditional oven does.

Before cooking in the microwave, ask yourself if that food can be cooked in the traditional oven or on a plate. Compare the times and experiment so as to compare the results obtained!

Give it a try: prepare two pizzas of the same size. Cook the pizzas one in the microwave and the other in the traditional oven, activating, if possible, the ventilated mode in the last few minutes of cooking or just to dry the excess mozzarella. Taste and compare the results obtained!

What not to microwave

After seeing what is possible cook in the microwave, let's see what are the foods to avoid.

  • Avoid pasta dishes and even more those based on rice. Cooking times are the same while the results leave a lot to be desired with microwave cooking. The cooking of steamed rice in the microwave is excellent.
  • Avoid microwaving bread or pizza. The doughs need to be cooked by convection and radiation (with a traditional oven), because the crisp function is rather limited and is only suitable for doughs of reduced thickness.
  • Avoid mixed preparations, half with the stove and half in the microwave.
  • Avoid red meat dishes. Meatballs, sausage and white meats are good for microwave cooking.

How to cook in the microwave

An advantage within everyone's reach is steam cooking in the microwave. In this case it is not necessary to have a particularly modern microwave. In this context, we invite you to see the recipes and times to be respected on the page dedicated tohow to steam in the microwave.

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