Purple carrots, benefits

Purple carrots, benefits

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Purple carrots: against diabetes, colon cancer ... here are all the beneficial and therapeutic properties of this extraordinary super food.

It is strange to imagine the carrot without its classic orange color. Well, strange as it may be, in the past, the purple carrot was the most widespread and consumed among populations in Asia and Europe.

Purple carrots, the origins ...

Purple carrots date back to 2000 BC. It was the Arab traders who exported them to different countries over the centuries. Carrots are said to have also had different colors. According to the area where they were grown, carrots took on different colors: white, yellow and even purple, black ...

The classic orange carrots appeared in the Netherlands during the 17th century. In fact, it is a hybrid, that is, a combination made by Dutch farmers who wanted to pay homage to the Dutch royal house (the Orange).

Purple carrots health benefits

Nowadays in our kitchen the classic orange carrots reign undaunted but lately the purple ones are becoming very appreciated for their therapeutic action. On this page we will show you all the beneficial properties of this super food; a real source of health.

What gives this vegetable its particular color? The presence of a water-soluble substance called anthocyanin. It is an antioxidant found in various foods, for example red grapes, aubergines, blueberries, red beans, red cabbage and pomegranate.

According to experts, this antioxidant is able to perform an anticarcinogenic action and can also improve our heart health and reduce bad or LDL cholesterol.

The therapeutic power of the anthocyanins present in purple carrots can be found in subjects suffering from diabetes; in fact, they regulate blood sugar levels.
These antioxidants protect the health of blood vessels and neutralize enzymes that damage collagen and connective tissues.

Do purple carrots help you lose weight?

Purple carrots are low in calories. They can be eaten raw or steamed. Thanks to their high fiber content, they have a strong satiating power, in addition, they promote digestion. Not only do they reduce blood sugar levels, they also help absorb nutrients better.

Most of the fiber in purple carrots is soluble. These absorb water from the digestive tract, forming a substance similar to a gel.

Against varicose veins

For those suffering from varicose veins or venous insufficiency, purple carrots can be a great ally, as they can reduce pain and pressure.

Also in this case, the anthocyanins carry out their anti-inflammatory action.
Purple carrots activate a range of proteins that can repair damaged blood vessel walls, thereby improving the health of the circulatory system.
It should be noted that taking purple carrots does not make varicose veins disappear but can reduce their symptoms.

Against colon cancer

Purple carrots, such as blueberries, radishes and red grapes, have the minerals and antioxidants that defend us from the proliferation of cancer cells.

According to a study conducted by the Maryland Department of Nutrition and Bromatology (USA), consuming these foods regularly can inhibit the growth of harmful cells in the colon.

The only recommendation is to find only products from organic farming to be sure of their genuineness.

Natural smoothie of purple carrots and apple

A healthy way to fully benefit from all the beneficial properties of purple carrots is by taking a natural smoothie, great for starting the day or to accompany dinner.

What we need

  • 2 organic purple carrots
  • 1 organic apple
  • The juice of half a lemon
  • 200 ml of water

How to proceed

  1. Wash the carrots and apple thoroughly
  2. Cut these two ingredients into small pieces
  3. Transfer everything to the blender and run it for one minute at medium speed
  4. Pour the mixture into a cup then add the water and the juice of half a lemon
  5. Mix the ingredients well before drinking

Where to buy the purple carrots to grow in the garden?

You can contact your local dealer or go for mail order. As stated, these are little known varieties and therefore not easy to find; among the proposals we point out the kit Plant Theater which provides extravagant varieties to grow, among them, the purple carrots. In detail, the Plant Theater kit contains:

  • A sachet of purple carrot seeds
  • A sachet of yellow zucchini seeds
  • A sachet of striped tomato seeds
  • A sachet of red Brussels sprouts seeds
  • A sachet of multicolored ribbed chard seeds

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