Cancer in dogs: symptoms

Cancer in dogs: symptoms

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Cancer in dogs, it can be of various types but it is certainly something that worries the owners. It affects medium-large sized animals more often but, as we can also see in the corresponding human case, there is never any certainty and rules. Better understand what it is and how to identify its presence.

Cancer in dogs: what it is

It is difficult to say in a few lines what tumor in dogs is. In truth it is not very different from the human equivalent and exactly as it happens to us, even dogs can get sick with various types of cancer. For example, leukemia affects the bone marrow and white blood cells, lymphoma spreads through the lymphatic system, then there is the bone cancer, which often affects larger breeds. Skin cancer in dogs is also quite common, there are also those of the thyroid, kidneys, lungs, genitals.

Cancer in dogs: symptoms

As the type of tumor in the dog changes, the symptoms also change and we must be able to grasp them, obviously with the help of a veterinarian to contact if we see suspicious signs. Let's see what these "alarm bellsWhich, if noticed, should be reported to a veterinarian.

In the list there are all sudden changes in daily habits, food and other types, rapid weight loss, the growth of abnormal shapes on the body, weakness and difficulty in walking, or even pain.

Skin cancer in dogs

The tumor in the dog can also manifest itself with a sudden one difficulty of the wounds to heal. If we notice that this is happening, it is best to do a blood test to measure the levels of white blood cells or calcium which may be indicative of a tumor.

The one to the skin, also called mast cell tumor, has the appearance of a small lump that gradually grows. The parts of the body where it most often appears are the trunk and perineum, but the lump can also appear on the distal extremities of the limbs, head and neck. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to identify the mast cell tumors is to recognize them as tumors, they could in fact be taken for symptoms of other pathologies. Skin cancer in dogs can also show itself with papules or crusts, or simulating a lipoma.

Cancer in young dogs

Also young dogs they may have a tumor, especially if they are medium and large in size. There are also benign tumors, it is true, but they affect older dogs most of the time, while young dogs if they get sick, most likely it is malignant tumor.

To distinguish them, a biopsy is needed. THE young female dogs they can also get sick of breast cancer, recognizable by an abnormal presence of a protuberance in the area, while the one in the bones can cause swelling in the legs, near the jaw or head.

Cancer in dogs: treatment

Treat a tumor in the dog it's not easy and it's not something you can do yourself. It takes an experienced vet to take care of it. Better if it is diagnosed early, this allows to identify possible therapies ranging in a wider range of possibilities. More than cancer treatment in dogs, however, we must speak of prevention. This is what concerns us, as dog owners "

Important are the checkups, at least twice a year, more frequent over the years, and weight monitoring every three months to check that there are no abnormal drops. As for the diagnosis of the disease, in case of doubt, there are various methods, the most used are radiography, magnetic resonance and ultrasound. In this context of prevention and diagnosis, a healthy and balanced diet, accompanied by constant physical movement, remains essential.

Cancer in dogs: life expectancy

We cannot give numbers on this issue, the life expectancy of a dog with cancer depends on its age and state of health, but also on the type of tumor he has and how long it has been "caught". So it's better to have the vet assessed, for each individual case.

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