Vegetable garden in March, sowing and transplanting

Vegetable garden in March, sowing and transplanting

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Vegetable garden in March: what to transplant in the garden in March. The plants to grow in March.

In March our vegetable garden wants to go back to filling up with the vegetables we love most. What are the vegetables whose sowing is it planned at this time of the year? The times of sowing they must necessarily be respected: below certain temperatures some seeds do not germinate! The climatic trend, in fact, is crucial, temperatures should not drop too low even at night. Here what to grow in the garden in Marchtaking the necessary precautions in consideration of the climatic trend and the geographic region of belonging.

The garden in March is rich in aromas and smells

If you are wondering when to grow aromatic plants, March is the ideal month.

At the end of March, garlic can be grown with the same cloves used in the kitchen. Those who live in the North of Italy should perhaps postpone this cultivationin April since garlic thrives best with average temperatures between 18 and 23 ° C. In fact, when the temperature is lower, the garlic tends to remain green and delay development.

The best time for plant according to the lunar calendar, garlic falls on the fifth day before the full moon and the first day after the full moon.

Other smell which must not be missing in ours vegetable garden is basil, you can sow basil or plant the seeds that have already germinated: as soon as the first leaves appear, transplant the basil into a pot or water constantly. When the planting is successful, wait for the soil to be completely dry between one irrigation and the next.

The vegetable garden in March: growing lettuce

March is the ideal month to grow the lettuce in the vegetable garden. You can sow lettuce in pots or in the ground, already, if you are not particularly tidy, broadcast sowing. Water without exaggerating. After about a month, the first seedlings will sprout, which you will have to properly plant in pots or in the vegetable garden... If you have broadcast sowing, you must make sure that between one plant and another there are 25 - 30 cm of distance.

What to transplant in the garden in March

What to plant in March? The list is long and if you don't have space problems, you can take advantage of it! In this paragraph we will point outwhat to plant in Marchwith the transplant. The transplant sees the planting of seedlings with earthen bread. Herewhat to grow in Marchin the open ground:

  • Potatoes
  • Spring - summer cabbages
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Head lettuce
  • Shallot

Who has the opportunity to set up onegreenhouseor a protected cultivation, can take advantage and grow vegetables and fruit typical of the summer. For information onwhat to grow in Marchin the greenhouse we refer you to the next paragraph.

The greenhouse vegetable garden in March

Did you know that in a properly protected and sheltered place, like one greenhouseor a tunnel greenhouse, already in the month ofMarch you can too cultivate with the planting of plants such as watermelon, melon, cucumber, endive, aubergine, pepper, tomato and courgette?

But don't forget that protected place doesn't mean indoors, where the climate is too dry for the plants and too little light. At the limit you could have a small greenhouse on the balcony or, if you really want to cultivate a vegetable garden at home, organize yourself with trolleys that you will keep outdoors during the day and you can take them back to the shelter at night.

Here is the list ofwhat to grow in Marchin the greenhouse garden:

  • Watermelon
  • Cucumber
  • Aubergine
  • Melon
  • Sweet pepper
  • Tomato
  • Zucchini

What to grow in the garden in March: climatic zones

Italy foresees severalclimatic zones, the indications seen refer to the cultivation in the vegetable garden, in the month of March, in Central and Northern Italy. Those who live in the south can anticipate the planting and sowing of March but always paying attention to the climatic trend of the season.

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