How to protect animals from the heat

How to protect animals from the heat

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One wonders how to protect animals from the heat when it is already hot and you are not ready to provide in the right way, equipped and informed. So before going on alarm in the middle of the hot summer, let's learn some simple strategies once and for all protect animals from heat without necessarily moving with them to a mountain hut.

We are welcome, if we can, but it is not the most practical and economical solution that exists.

From protect from heat there are dogs and cats but also rabbits and guinea pigs, and many pets that do not always have the innate ability to adapt and withstand high temperatures. Some, then, may also be subject to sunburn and it is therefore recommended to apply some high protection sun cream, on the white ends and tips of the ears before letting them out.

How to protect animals from the heat: dogs

Dogs suffer from heat, it is known, and the things not to do are also known to protect them from unnecessary annoyances. Let's start with a trivial recommendation that not everyone wants to hear. That of never leaving an animal inside the car, just think of the interior temperature of the passenger compartment, even with windows open, to remind us how much it might suffer. There is also the risk of causing death.

Taken from the enthusiasm of taking a trip or a run in the park, let's also remember that it is not the case to force dogs to excessive efforts: we avoid walks in the hottest hours and always carry a bottle of water and a bowl with us.

For protect animals from heat there is also a useful and practical "hot air blower"Also available online.

How to protect animals from the heat: cats

Like dogs, i cats do not have the ability to "sweat" as we humans do, so to lower their body temperature they breathe more frenziedly. To help them, we make sure that they can always stop in a shaded and ventilated place having a fresh water provision.

To protect cats from heat, feed them light food and digest easily. If we notice that the skin is hot, staggering or panting, even if at first they may not like it, let's wet them gently with fresh water in order to lower their temperature. We can also use the square containers that contain ice water from portable refrigerators, wrapped in fabric.

How to protect animals from the heat in the house

Even if they don't go out, not alone, putting themselves in the sun, the minnows are animals to be protected from the heat as much as those previously listed. So let's remember to make sure that their tank, or aquarium, is never exposed directly to the sun. Who would cause that only unnecessary suffering. Changing the water more often is also important, when there are high temperatures.

Moving on to how to protect animals from the heat in the case of canaries and hamsters, the precautions are similar. We do not put their cage in direct sun or even on the balcony, better a place in the house, cool, airy and shady.

How to protect animals from the heat in the garden

In the garden, as well as being beware of sunny areas, Precautions must also be taken to prevent parasites from attacking our animals. Especially cats and dogs. Let's equip ourselves with a pesticide, looking for a quality one but also suitable for the species and size, reminding us that some products for dogs can be lethal for cats.

Rabbits and guinea pigs can also be targeted by pest attacks, it is therefore better to be careful in summer and carefully inspect the animal every day to check for the presence of fly eggs on the fur.

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