Burnt induction hob

Burnt induction hob

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Burnt induction hob, how to clean it. Tips and tricks to eliminate burns and streaks from the induction hob or glass ceramic.

Before the purchase, they will have described the technology to you inductionas innovative and above all with an easy-to-clean surface. In fact theinduction hob cleans itselfeasily but only in an ideal world where no fluids come out of the pots and where there are no oversights!

It is true that a smooth surface is easier to clean but it is equally true that, when sauce comes out of a pan, it can flow to the area in contact with the metal of the pan and create a burn.

Another less frequent but more painful case consists of forgetfulness: if you forget an empty pan on the induction hob, the metal bottom could create a stain that is almost impossible to remove.

In short, with this premise I want to tell you that each burn is a story in itself, that not all halos can be removed but that in any case you can work to improve the situation.

First of all, I invite you to read the guide article: induction hob, how to clean it. You will find many tips and tricks to keep the ceramic hob clean.

Burnt induction hob

Theburnt foodisattachedon an induction hob it is not difficult to get rid of. It is generally recommended to clean the induction hob when it is completely cold. In this case, however, it is the heat that can help us. Continue with the cleaning of the burnt induction hob when it is still warm and, at first, use hot water without any solvent.

If the burnt food attached to the induction hob does not come off with the help of boiling water and elbow grease, it is advisable to use a scraper.

It is always good to specify that you must use a NON abrasive sponge compatible with glass ceramic hobs. Use soft sponges even when you're desperate and think you can't get rid of that damn burnt food.

Induction hob burnt and encrusted

Only when your induction hob seems hopeless can you try to remove the encrustations with a scraper.

A scraper for clean the burnt induction hob, often, it is supplied in the kitchen purchase package. If you have misplaced your scraper, be sure to buy a suitable one as well as the one below.

Scraper for cleaning the induction hob. This scraper is offered on Amazon at a price of 11.25 euros with free shipping costs. Use it by making gentle movements and without forcing your hand too much!

Regardless of which scraper you decide to buy, make sure it is delicate enough and above all avoid improvising with knives or sticks.

Some blogs recommend removing burnt food with butter knives, razor blades or other types of spatula - don't! Using a knife or stick to get rid of encrusted food will risk giving you a scratched induction cooktop.

Avoid using aggressive products, "stain cleaners" or oven sprays: these materials can cause the appearance of halos on your glass ceramic hob. Indeed, when cleaning, remember to remove any small residue of detergent, even the most delicate, so as not to let it deposit.

After this experience you will surely have understood it by yourself, however I want to reiterate it: try to clean the induction hob as soon as possible, so before the dirt can encrust and even burn on the plate.

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