Tomato blight: natural remedies

Tomato blight: natural remedies

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Downy mildew of tomato, a phytopathology that not only affects this plant but it, together with that of potatoes, is one of the most targeted. It is a disease linked to a pathogenic fungus that develops especially when there is a high level of humidity. Even high temperatures, increasingly higher due to climate change, can favor the presence of tomato blight which is called, in jargon, Phytophthora infestans. It also attacks other solanaceae, such as the potato and the aubergine

Tomato blight: symptoms

To understand if tomato blight has been killed in our garden, it is necessary to know what visible damage it causes. They are both at the production level, both qualitative, and they don't spare the greenhouse plants they get hit with the same frequency of those grown in the fields.

There downy mildew of tomato it affects all parts of the tomato, none are saved. The leaves begin to fill with brown spots accompanied by shiny patches that are formed by the spores of the fungus. If the weather is particularly humid, then the downy mildew of tomato it also damages the peduncles or the petioles of the flowers that they will show similar streaks and spots and those of the leaves.

To prevent the appearance of downy mildew as well as many fungal diseases, it is necessary to water the plants wisely. For all instructions: how to water the tomato.

For regarding the fruits, the symptoms are already seen when they are green, because they begin to have brownish spots that gradually cause that rot and fall apart.

Downy mildew of tomato: treatments

Among the various treatments that we can find on the market there are those dedicated to tomatoes such as this systemic and contact fungicide available for 13 euros online on Amazon. It cures but also prevents, is quickly absorbed and its "protective" effect lasts throughout the crop cycle.

Tomato blight: natural remedies

There are also gods natural remedies and it is always better to try this route before taking other more harmful ones for the environment. It doesn't always work but if it works, we have taken care our plants in a green way.

Unfortunately today i chemical products which are more effective against tomato blight. The covering remedies are used to prevent attacks of the fungus, the systemic ones cure, spreading within the plant tissues.

Tomato blight: prevention

Perhaps, to date, the only one natural remedy feasible concerns prevention. It is done through the selection of cultivars more resistant to tomato blight attacks. They are obtained with grafts and cannot be improvised, then the health of the plants also depends on the temperature and humidity conditions, more controllable in greenhouses than in extensive outdoor fields, as easy to imagine. Even proper fertilization can prevent the onset of downy mildew. For all the info: tomato fertilizer.

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