Tomatoes with yellow leaves

Tomatoes with yellow leaves

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Tomatoes with yellow leaves: causes, remedies and prevention. All useful information.

It is not easy to identify the cause. What you have to do is observe yours tomato plants. They all have yellow leaves? The leaves have yellow spots or are they entirely affected? Based on your observations we will analyze possible causes and remedies.

Tomatoes with yellow leaves:causes, remedies and prevention

Not always therecauseit is linked to a fungal disease or parasite. When it comes to yellow leaves it is likely that we are facing incorrect agronomic practices or nutritional deficiencies. In this article we will analyze all the causes that led to the onset of yellow leaves, white leaves or dry leaves on tomato plants grown in pots or in the open field.

Moisture in the soil

One of the main causes ofyellowing of tomato leavesit is linked to a low amount of moisture present in the soil.

Water your tomato plants consistently. If you water copiously one day and then stop watering for two or even three days, you are causing significant water stress to the plant. With little moisture in the soil, the plants will not be able toabsorbthe necessary nutrients and will face nutritional deficiencies.

Nutritional deficiencies

Betweentomato diseases, nutritional deficiencies are always the most neglected. Let us consider i fertilizers a valid help to obtain bigger, juicier, sweeter and tastier tomatoes… however we forget that the fertilizer is not only an optional created to improve the harvest, but it is an indispensable supplement to make possible the life of plants in the poorest soils.

Even if your soil tends to be fertile, it may be deficient in one or more micronutrients. In this case they could developyellow leavesiswhite leaves. The leaves will be entirely yellow or white or may have detailsveins.The remedy here is easy: you have to administer a suitable fertilizer. Yes, but which one? A specific one for tomatoes and therefore it can bring potassium, magnesium, calcium and of course also nitrogen.

Among the various fertilizers for tomatoes present on the market, we recommend an excellent one for each phase of plant development. It can also be administered when the fruits have already appeared or are in the ripening phase (it will improve the sweetness of the tomato giving it more flavor).

Such fertilizer is offered on Amazon at a price of about 16 euros (with shipping costs included in the price). It is an excellent product tested in first person both on cherry tomatoes, on datterini tomatoes, yellow tomatoes from Vesuvius (yes, I like small-sized tomatoes) and on the larger Cuore di Bue tomatoes. :))) the result was appreciable.

For all information, I refer you to the "product sheet".

Diseases of the tomato

In general, fungal and bacterial diseases can cause leaf browning but are manifested above all by more or less extensive yellow spots or orange spots on the leaves.

If your tomato plants have leaves with yellow spots, it could be a fungal disease known as Septoria. In this case, the leaves should be cut off before they begin to dot with black as well. Remove the leaves and treat the tomato plants with a copper-based product.

Tomato plant with dry leaves

The plant may have beenburnedfrom the sun. Dry leaves are very common in tomatoes grown in greenhouses or in contact with plastic material. Even poor watering can cause dry or orange leaves: when irrigating, avoid wetting the leaves and give water directly to the soil.

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