Outdoor bonsai

Outdoor bonsai

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What are hardy and easy to grow outdoor bonsai. All useful information for beginners or for those who want to add a new bonsai to their Zen garden.

Those who want to set up a garden in true Zen style cannot help but wonder about which are theoutdoor bonsaibest suited to your needs. In the article dedicated to indoor bonsai, I listed thebonsaimore easy to grow at home, also suitable for beginners. On this page I will make a similar list indicating which outdoor bonsai can be more suitable for your needs, come on evergreen bonsai ai cold-resistant bonsai.

Outdoor bonsai

People often forget a fundamental fact: any plant can be grown as a bonsai. What plants are already thriving in your garden? Do you know you might have a miniature of it to grow as bonsai? This means that it is possible to find bonsai suitable for any environment, from the house by the sea to the house in the north, where winter is colder. We continue step by step.

Mediterranean plant bonsai

They are suitable fromcultivateon the balcony or in the garden of those who live in central-southern Italy. Let's talk aboutbonsaiof the genus Citrus, fromcalamondino lemon(dwarf lemon) to chinotto, from Chinese mandarin to citrus mitis (dwarf mandarin).

The beauty of thesebonsaiis that they adapt perfectly to the Mediterranean climate, they are beautifulevergreen outdoor bonsaithat when necessary are loaded with flowers and fruit.

Another family that is well suited to growing bonsai on the balcony or in the garden of a house in southern Italy, is that of the Oleaceae. What would you think of a beautiful olive tree bonsai? The Sylvestris variety is suitable for bonsai.

Othersbonsaifromcultivatein a Mediterranean garden they are those obtained from the most suitable varieties of pomegranate, red apple, quince and wild apple.

In the photo above, on the left you can see an olive tree bonsai with a deeply enlarged trunk and on the right abonsaiof Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) which produces flowers and fruits.

All the plants mentioned in this paragraph areevergreen outdoor bonsaiwith the exception of apple and pomegranate trees which are deciduous trees, that is, plants that lose their leaves in December and regain them with increasing temperatures. The pomegranate, for example, blooms in spring while the quince resumes flowering from late February and sheds new leaves in March.

Outdoor bonsai

Juniperus chinensis bonsai (juniper bonsai) are particularly beautiful and are among the most used plants in Japan and China for growing bonsai. The more adult specimens have a better resistance to cold.

Who seekscold-resistant bonsaican aim for the Matasequoia bonsai that offers the best of itself when grown grove (small groups of bonsai gathered in the same pot). Its bonsai cultivation is due to the beauty of its needle-like leaves that it sheds during the winter.

Still from the point of view of "cold-resistant outdoor bonsai" we point out the maples. Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) and trident (Acer buergerianum) can grow well if the winters are cold enough to allow them to go dormant, so if you live in southern Italy and hope you can grow a red maple bonsai Japanese in your garden, carefully consider the climate before making risky purchases.

Outdoor bonsai, prices

The price of a bonsai does not depend so much on the species as on the age, the type of nebari and the shape of the crown and trunk. To give some examples, a young olive tree bonsai with an erect and not thickened trunk can be purchased for less than 50 euros.

A bonsai of Juniperus chinensi (juniper) only 30 cm tall and 20 years old, with an erect trunk, can be bought with 210 euros, if we take the same plant, from the same height but with a few more years (35 years) and the trunk folded on itself with a half-cascade shape ... the price can exceed 1500 euros!

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