Succulent plants: species and list

Succulent plants: species and list

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Succulent plants, not cactus, which is a generic term used in a careless way and which is too generic to define the plants I want to talk about. These are plants that belong to a specific family and which are all native to the Americas. What relationship do they have with cacti? The fact is that all cacti are succulent plants, but there are succulents that we cannot call cacti. Succulents are those plants that have particular tissues, called aquifer parenchyma, which allow to store large quantities of water.

Succulent plants: list

L'list of succulents it's just boring and of little interest. It is best to try to understand how the plants found in this list work. For example, with the fabrics we have talked about, they are able to absorb water when it rains in abundance, and then keep it inside in order to resist even in periods of drought.

Once stored in succulent plants, the water passes from one side to the other as needed. From an aesthetic point of view, thebe succulent plants leads to a "plump" and swollen appearance: leaves, stems and roots seem fleshy and swollen, beyond their shape that can be spherical, columnar, rosette, flattened. Sometimes on the outside of succulent plants there is a wax, cutins and hairs, to minimize water loss.

Succulent plants representative species

To better understand what we are talking about, let's see some representative species of the succulent plant family. There Zamioculcas zamilifolia, for example, it belongs to the Araceae family, originally from Tanzania, and owes its name to the appearance of its leaves.

There Haworthia Cooperi comes from South Africa, there are several species and almost all of them are appreciated as ornamental plants. The note Aloe vera is one of the most popular succulent plants, and is famous for the beneficial properties of the gel contained in its leaves. Also known is the prickly pear plant, a cactus, this time, originally from Mexico but present in the Mediterranean as well as in America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Continuing with other species, we find the’Echevieria, always full of flowers, and the Jovibarba, very beautiful ornamental plant. The Semprevivum on the other hand, it is characterized by a particular resistance to climates that are not even "its own", theAptenia, less known, it is a succulent native to South Africa that produces dark pink flowers.

Succulent plants: care

Since they are plants adapted to live in dry conditions, since they know how to absorb water and keep reserves, succulent plants do not have need a lot of rain, indeed, too much can disturb them. So let's avoid getting them too wet! Let's not keep them under the sun but in an illuminated place, in a well-drained soil because stagnation is very harmful for plants like these.

Flowering succulent plants

There are succulents that are particularly well known and appreciated for their flowers. Some we have already seen, others we have yet to discover. The flowering period of succulents is usually from May to November but there are those like the Yucca, the Sempervivum or the Agave that don't have a fast pace and take years.
There is also the species Zygocactus truncantus which even blooms until December, in fact it is called a Christmas cactus.

Indoor succulent plants

Therefore, they resist drought they do not like too humid environments. If we want to host succulents in the apartment, we pay even more attention to the microclimate of the rooms in which they are located. Living in Europe, it is better to opt for succulent plants belonging to the species of Sedum and Sempervivum.

In general, these succulents are not particularly suitable for apartment living because they do not receive the light they would need to grow at their best and have a good flowering during the summer. We can try with a mini set of cactus-like succulent plants, with pot, for 33 euros on Amazon, be careful not to wet them more than necessary.

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