Allergy tests: cost and when to do them

Allergy tests: cost and when to do them

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Allergic tests, hoping not to be allergic to your favorite food and maybe not even to dust if you are not very neat. Not only in these cases, allergy tests are needed, they are useful to better understand some often enigmatic and even symptoms to avoid many ailments that make life more difficult than usual. For example, sometimes it is enough to eliminate an ingredient, to no longer have skin rashes, or to use suitable drugs, in order not to sneeze for months and months.

Let's see the various types of allergy tests and how to do them. Today it is more important than ever because there are many cases, on the rise, of fake allergy sufferers who may think they really are but it's all in their "head". It is therefore important to have tests to do that unquestionably say whether we are allergic or not, whether or not we must avoid a certain type of food. It would be serious to give up a varied diet just for an impression, it would be a shame because the varied diet is a cure-all

When faced with a rhinitis, there are numerous tests that can be done and it is not always clear which is the fastest way to solve the problem. Among the most popular tests are the Prick test, the RAST test, the ISAC test, the specific IgE assay, the double-blind placebo control test (DBPCF)., the many skin tests and it's not over.

Allergy tests: when to do them

Allergy tests are done when we usually notice symptoms that make us suspicious. A redness of the skin, or the appearance of blisters, swollen lips, gastrointestinal problems, runny nose and watery eyes.

In all these and similar cases, it is important do not delay in carrying out allergy tests in order to identify the food, the pollen, the responsible substance. It is not always immediate, for this reason, there are many types of tests. The easiest to spot are usually respiratory allergies which often give us indications even when the season in which they appear. Diagnosis is usually based on the results of the Prick test and the RAST test.

Allergy tests: where to do them

We avoid making them at home, with "experimental" DIY methods which can only lead us to waste time and maybe get some wrong ideas. Many allergy tests are outpatient, ci can be contacted by our doctor to understand which ones are suitable for us and in which clinic, hospital or analysis center we can obtain results rather quickly.

Unfortunately they are not yet numerous patients with allergic rhinitis that go to the doctor before the symptoms become unbearable, this does not facilitate treatment and increases the time of suffering unnecessarily.

Allergy tests: cost

To get an idea, let's see the costs of some of the allergy tests most frequently recommended by doctors. A standard battery of tests for the prick test costs less than 40 euros, the RAST test, against a dozen allergens, can have a price of around 60 euros, the higher the price of the ISAC test which reaches 120-140 euros. It may happen that non-validated tests have higher prices and do not give us any certainty. It is therefore advisable to follow the path suggested by the doctors, finding the cause of our allergy as soon as possible.

Also in case of food allergies, the diagnosis is not as trivial as it may seem, unless the symptoms arise just after we eat the offending food. It doesn't happen that often, so you need to dig deeper with specific allergy tests, together with a doctor who follows us step by step.

For example, if it happens that the prick test and the IgE search are negative, it does not mean that an allergy to food can be excluded and it is the case of switch to patch test and provocation test, much more useful. In short, do-it-yourself, with allergies, is not something to do.

Do it yourself test

For thedo it yourself testread the page: spring allergies, symptoms, tests and remedies

Drug allergy tests

The drugs that most often cause allergies anti-inflammatories, if not recent, antibiotics, especially penicillins, and acetylsalicylic acid. In the case of antibiotics, immediate reactions, one hour after taking, are often the appearance of wheals accompanied by itching or swelling on the lips or eyes. Or, and I hope not, anaphylactic shock, with serious consequences on the cardiovascular system and the risk of cardiac arrest.

Allergy tests: how they are done

The allergy tests they are done with the help of a doctor, preferably by studying the subject seriously, with a book that introduces us by giving us some information on what it means to suffer from an allergy. "Allergies. The most effective natural remedies”By Luca Fortuna can be useful.

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